We’re just normal wooden pieces, most commonly, and for most people, only a waste in the nature or the wood industry.

But, in a certain moment we become a happy and joyful wooden pieces. Yes! At the moment when the author of those pictures finds us, he’ll give us a role in a story, he’ll paint us… ooh… there! Then we become the most happy wooden pieces!

And we’re impatient! You know.

Colorful as we are, we’re impatient to get a living place in your home, office, medical office, classroom, boat cabin, hotel room… Everywhere… Anywhere.

Just imagine your smile, your pleasure when you look at us.

No, we aren’t selfish at all, exactly the opposite, we’ll give you away lots and lots of love!

Why exactly us?

Because we’re natural, because we’re colorful, because we’re joyful, happy… Because we’re made for you… Made for each other. Created one for another. Because we’re an unusual COLORFUL STORY that begins with just a piece of wood, and ends into an extraordinary pleasure that lasts, lasts… and will last.

With love, from: